Friday, 11 September 2015


Stock Market is one particularly wild place. While SENSEX was booming at 21000 and odd level in January 2008, by the time we sipped coffee and geared up for events for February, it had a break neck fall to 8300 and gave rise to the infamous "2008 Stock Market Crash", which every investor swears by for having them unnerved. The fall was gradual but severe.

 It took a few months time to create the devastation that the globe took 4 years to recover from. When you see the highly adorned shares of Blue Chip companies being traded at half their all-time-high rates in a desperate bid to bail themselves out ASAP, you know there is something terribly wrong.

The fall happened with profit booking on the heavy weights sensex stocks followed by unabated selling by local Mutual Funds and Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), probably due to very serious redemption pressure.

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